Uconn Early College Experience

UConn Early College Experience (ECE) provides academically motivated students with the opportunity to take university courses while in high school. These challenging courses allow students to preview college work, build confidence in their readiness for college, and earn college credits that provide both an academic and a financial head start on a college degree.

UConn ECE instructors are high school teachers certified as adjunct professors by the University. UConn ECE faculty foster independent learning, creativity and critical thinking – all-important for success in college. High School INC. offers UConn ECE courses in Statistics and Economics.   To support rigorous learning, University of Connecticut academic resources, including library and online classroom access, are available to all UConn ECE students.

UConn ECE students must successfully complete the course with a grade of C or above in order to receive University credit. UConn credits are transferable to many colleges and universities.

Students are charged $25 per credit and a $15 University fee per course. For additional program information visit: www.ece.uconn.edu.


Course Description & Title:


1) STAT 1100Q: Elementary Concepts of Statistics

Successful completion of Intermediate Algebra/ Algebra II is required.



2) ECON 1201: Principles of Microeconomics

3) ECON 1202: Principles of Macroeconomics

Successful completion or simultaneous enrollment in Intermediate Algebra/Algebra II, and Geometry are required.

For more information please contact Cory Mickens.  Dr. Mickens teaches UCONN ECE courses and serves as the site representative responsible for conveying program details to students and parents, assisting with the student registration process and overseeing the general administration of the UConn Early College Experience program here at High School Inc.

Cory J. Mickens Ed. D
Site Representative UCONN Early College Experience
High School Inc.
(860) 695-7140 Work