U.S. History

High School, Inc strives to present this survey course through the business lens. Beginning with the Civil War and working its way to present day with group projects and writings.  In the effort to integrate the NAF curriculum into Hartford Public Schools curriculum United States history is shown as a series of business transactions that have led to military, political, and further business transactions that factor into the world we live in. The course load includes essays, glogs and presentations made in front of classes and panels.



High School, Inc. follows the curriculum for teaching the principles of government to all high school students. A semester course that is focused on the students right, privileges, and responsibilities within the community, school, state, and country.  Attention is focused on the upcoming elections and the makeup of both federal and state government and their roles in our lives today. This course focuses on practical application of the Constitution to our lives.



Geography is the study of the world and the people that live in it. The focus of this course is based on understanding the global neighborhood and how we interact with them in our world. The course focuses on geographic phenomenon such as urban sprawl and geographic distribution of wealth. Students will be focusing on the skills that make them marketable for business in a geographic sense.


International Studies

International Studies is a course that ties the business perspectives in with the Current Events and International Issues are fused together as the teacher brings the business world and the knowledge. The educator spends sometimes on each of the continents and the issues that have been brought to light in.