Course: Art 1 (Color and Design)

Course objective: Art 1 is a basic survey course the prerequisite for all other art courses. Students work in the areas of design and compositions, drawing and paintings, graphic arts. Media used are pencils, pen and ink, watercolors and tempera paints, paintings and craft materials. An emphasis will be placed on the development and understanding of the subjects, form and content of art. Art appreciation will be part of each respective area of subject, form and content of art. Research of, and reading and writing about, different artists (Masters) from the classic to the contemporary. Originality is stressed throughout this course and students are urged to search their creativity and their potential. Students will use the design elements and principles to apply their knowledge and experience to their own artwork.


Course: Art 2 (Color and Design)

Course Objective: Art 2 is a basic continuation of Art 1. The students will work primarily in a two-dimensional manner and some three-dimensional work. The students remain somewhat teacher-directed but are urged to become involved with problems solving on an individual basis.